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Web Designer's Success Guide by Kevin Airgid

Kevin Airgid is an internationally recognized designer, author and speaker. He runs an interactive studio that develops creative projects for clients such as: World Wildlife Fund, Ford, ESPN, Buick and others. Kevin has won several national design awards and has been featured in the Macromedia Showcase, Digital Creative Arts Magazine and Communication Arts. Kevin's website can be found at

Finally, someone has written a practical book on how to profit from freelance web design. I have been waiting for a book like this. Whether you have been freelancing for a while or especially if you are just starting out, this book answers a lot of questions. The book provides a roadmap down the freelancing highway.

Chapter one gets right down to brass tacks – the truth about freelancing. Airgid discusses some of the pros and cons of freelancing. He also discusses that you should put serious thought into freelancing before you launch yourself out into the cold, cruel world.

One of the important areas is to acquire a list of clients and potential clients before going fulltime freelance. According to Airgid, acquiring these clients will help you avoid some common pitfalls when just starting out. Considerations such as managing your finances, building a network of connections and others are discussed.

Another important area of freelancing is your website. Many of us who freelance part time or infrequently tend to neglect our own website more than any other. According to Airgid, your website is "one of the most important parts of your advertising arsenal ..." When updating or creating your website, be sure to think about your target audience. Be sure the website appeals to this group of persons.

Later in the book, Airgid discusses email campaigns, finding free advertising, the all-important Google listing and developing a mailing list to keep in contact with your clients.

Need an office? Maybe, you don't. If you are just starting out, to defray costs, you may want to work from home out of a bedroom or home office. As your business progresses, Airgid provides tips on how to do it frugally.

Of all of the chapters in this book, I found that the chapter on project management and pricing to be the most interesting. Let's face it, when you are starting out, you have no clue what to charge.

Airgid provides some guidance for pricing methods and how to estimate what to charge. He also provides steps and processes for initial contact with the client, the contract and other important points.

All in all, I felt Airgid's book was short and to the point. Every freelancer should keep a copy handy. Is this the only book you'll ever need for freelancing? Of course not. However, it is a great resource and roadmap for those starting out on the freelancing highway, or even considering it.

Reviewed By: Loren Elks
Airgid Media, Inc.