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Photoshop CS Artistry – Mastering the Digital Image by Barry Haynes & Wendy Crumpler

At first glance this book presents itself as a "master class" Photoshop CS tutorial. Although it does thoroughly work you chops in the later chapters with many hands on lesson that any of us can benefit from (complete with CD), the first portion is set for the novice / first time user.

The writers take nothing for granted so if you are already using the program on a regular basis you may find yourself wanting to jump ahead. Each chapter conquers the topics in a structured, easy to follow manner with a generous amount of very well done graphics. The lessons are well planned and does not lose your interest, even the CS professional can find a shortcut or two among the lessons. Some of the topics covered in the 478 page text are color correction, restoration, compositing, getting your project "print ready" and setting images for the web. Don't let the size put you off, the writers have made it easy to stop and start your lessons without a great deal of problems.

While the writers have a strong lean to the Mac OS the book is written for and covers both Win XP & Mac OS X honestly.

In conclusion if you are looking for a complete, start to finish, Photoshop CS introduction look no further. If you're already a professional, a master class you seek, the journey may begin here but at chapter 18.

Reviewed By: Charles Renne
New Riders Press