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Photo Retouching with Photoshop : A Designer's Notebook by Marie-Laure Clec’h

This Designer Notebook is but one in a series, and having experienced this one first, it has piqued my interest in discovering the rest.

My Inner Geek (OK, I admit it, I wear my Geekness like my heart on my sleeve) enjoyed the inclusion of not only the software used to create certain effects and images, but the hardware as well. There’s something satisfying in knowing one of the designers profiled probably took great pleasure in revealing the minutiae that they use a Gretagmacbeth Eye-one spectrophotometer to calibrate their display weekly. And I curse them, for now I must have one.

Emphasizing certain aspects of the artists’ craft are simulated Post-It notes (do I use the “registered trademark” superscript here? – I think not – this is a local SIG, not the New York Times! – the Post-It attorneys may feel differently), an effective device that not only drives home a point, but enhances the casual yet sophisticated nature of the page layouts.

What sets this book apart from most is the multidisciplinary approach. Some authors are photographers, some retouchers, some designers – all are very talented, and present their methodologies in clear and cogent fashion. An immensely appealing concept, well-executed. I will definitely seek out additional Designer’s Notebooks. As soon as my Gretagmacbeth comes in. I just love saying that.

Reviewed by: Bruce Frank
O'Reilly Media
December 1, 2004