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Liquid Cabaret by Indigo Rose

How many times has it happened? You have a great multimedia presentation ready to go, and then your manager or client decides you either need more music, or that the existing music just won’t do. The solution, of course, is royalty-free music. But, where to find it? Then, if you do find it, what about the quality of the tracks? Do you also need an audio program with edit or compress the music because the music is not the correct size? Fortunately, the folks at Indigo Rose, have created Liquid Cabaret.

Liquid Cabaret is a HUGE collection of totally royalty-free music compiled onto one DVD. The DVD contains 20 volumes of tracks which are “theme-based” with a specific musical style to set the mood. These tracks are the perfect compliment to your next PowerPoint presentation. This music can enliven even the most bland, financial presentations.

So the next time, you have to give a presentation and you want to stand out from the crowd use Liquid Cabaret. No matter what the mood, Liquid Cabaret has you covered.

Highlighted Features from Liquid Cabaret:
  • All volumes on one DVD- This is an efficient, space-saving feature.
  • Auto-run DVD - When you access the DVD, a menu is provided to get you to your tracks (see above).
  • Multiple length tracks available – Each track is offered in four different lengths, including full length and seamless loop (short, medium and long) variations
  • Dual formats – Each track is provided in a standard MP3 (256k) or OGG (96k) format.
  • Quality – Each track is engineered to be a high-quality recording.
  • Large number of tracks – The DVD includes 300 tracks that can fill any background music need.
  • Multimedia uses – These tracks can be used in any multimedia venue (PowerPoint presentations, video creations, web design and more).
  • Reviewed By: Loren Elks
    Indigo Rose