Motion Artist 3.0 by E Frontier

Wow! That’s all I can say. For those of us who are not ActionScript gurus this program is awesome. For those who are action script gurus this program is still awesome and a time saver.

The program itself is really laid out with the user in mind. It opens up with a parts palette, which is the equivalent to the flash library. A large preview window for the parts palette, which allows easy previewing of the items in your parts palette. The main stage is very similar to Flash. A page list (which is great). It’s more or less like a page layout program that allows you to see all the pages you’re working on. You also have the common tool bars at the top. If you’ve used flash at all you’ll be very comfortable using Motion Artist’s interface.

The program comes with a load of backgrounds, buttons and other images you can use at your leisure. One of the coolest things in this area is they have several prefab images to help you animate something. For instance they have a sequence of clipart penguins in different situations that when put together in a timeline it becomes an animation. They also have a man in motion that you can do the same thing. For those of us who are new to animations this really gives us a chance to play with how to vary frame speed, transitions and effects without too much effort.

The timeline is more akin to garage band. Instead of the little blocks or flash frames, the time line is a solid block that can be stretched or shortened like a shape, using sliders. Within the individual blocks there are sliders in the timeline to adjust any transitions you may have added. The transition is more like iPhoto or Windows Movie Maker. They have a large number of predefined transitions. Once you add a transition to the movie you have the ability to adjust the different variables of the transition.

Just to recap this is a great tool for those that just dabble with animation and/or those who use animation a lot but need to create something that looks complex when in reality it took very little time. For the more advance you can also use the ease of MotionArtist 3.0 to create animations and then export them as swf files. If action script is needed and you’re more comfortable in Flash simply import the swf files into Flash.

I give this program 5 out of 5 stars. If I could I would give it a few more stars. Very impressed.
Motion Artist 3.0
e frontier
Ernest Phillips
5 of 5