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learning web graphics.4 by Lynda Weinman

designing web graphics.4I had heard of Lynda before and seen her website, but I had not read any of her books before this one. I was very impressed with the low level of detail and lack of too much jargon in this book. It was short and to the point. The book was an easy and quick read due to her design. The book is good for basic reference information on web design. It touches on almost everything you encounter when designing websites. I was able to touch on the important topics and was given the right amount of theory/background necessary to understand the concepts. I found that chapters on information design architecture, colors, frames, and cascading style sheets were very helpful. Although I already have a book on colors, I thought the color charts were a nice touch. I agree that this book was not created to be the "bible" of web design. It gives you the basics and points you in the right direction for more fact-finding on your own. The links to other resources were also very helpful in that respect

Overall, I think this is an excellent book for the new web designer, no matter which tool you are using to create the web pages. The broad approach to the design and notes regarding specific browser quirks was invaluable.

Reviewed By: L. Elks
New Riders Publishing