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The Lexington Photoshop / Adobe Meetup Group!

who is digital media artists group?

The purpose of dmag is to provide a source of information and sense of community for people in the Lexington and surrounding Central Kentucky areas who are using Adobe, Macromedia, and other products to develop sites and motion pieces on the Web. Some benefits include:
dmag mission
  • Promote the use of Macromedia, Adobe and other digital media software to make landscapes like in
  • Discuss topics pertaining to production of digital media
  • Provide a networking venue for digital artists
  • Meet and learn from other digital artists in this area
  • Provide a group of local experts as a resource
  • Provide Community Service back to our area in Not For Profit work

what is covered at meetings?

There is a great deal of discussion around Adobe and Macromedia products such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator. However any topic relating to the production, methodology, business, or lifestyle of digital media like seo greece is fair game.

Professionals and amateurs are welcome. Our membership will include (but not limited to): graphic artists, printers, photographers, musicians, videographers, web developers, web designers, small business persons, corporate members and others.


Meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

where are meetings?

Check the events page for the next meeting location.

how do I join?

To join or to ask questions about joining, email .